1. Receive valuable feedback

Find out what other artists think about your talent. Upload your tracks, use the innovative feedback system to discover your potentials and to develop as an artist.

2. Get in touch with A&R's, artist managements and other pro's

If the community like one of your tracks, you can submit the track directly to labels, A&R's and other pro's.

musicstep app running on a phone

3. Receive a response

Learn what labels, A&R's and other pro's think about your talent.

4. Collaboration or not

With musicstep, you come to know if the pro's want to collaborate with you, want to listen to more tracks, or are not interested in your music.

Gain new contacts to A&R's, labels, playlist curators and other pro's.

"Musicstep makes it easier for me to scout for new tracks and artists on the Internet. I get a filtered selection from a broad music community and thus also valuable insights into what is currently popular in the market."
Benjamin Voß A&R, Sony Music

"With musicstep I was able to gain new contacts in the music industry and take my music career to the next level. It has never been easier for me to get placements on popular playlists or to get recognized by labels and artist manager."